Redhill High School’s curriculum offers:

  • Individualised academic support and challenge
  • A commitment to all-round personal and skill development
  • Flexibility and choice


Lower School Curriculum (Years 7-9)

The Lower School Curriculum is broad, balanced and traditional. The Sciences are taught separately as Physics, Chemistry and Biology from the outset. Welsh is compulsory in Year 7 but optional thereafter and studied as an additional subject. Latin may be opted for from Year 7 as an additional subject.


Senior School Curriculum (Years 10-11)

At GCSE level our curriculum is designed to provide a solid grounding for students to go on to further study, including University. GCSE Mathematics and Mathematics-Numeracy, English Language and English Literature are compulsory. Each student normally takes at least one modern language, two science subjects and one humanities subject, with a choice of an additional two subjects. They also have compulsory Games and PSHE. The full list of subjects available is as follows (grouped for illustration):

Biology French Business Art
Chemistry Latin Geography Drama
Physics Spanish History Computer Science
Welsh RS Music

Any student interested in a subject not featured should contact the Headmaster to discuss. Peripatetic music lessons and LAMDA lessons are available by request.